Bedal Parcel Management System

Bedal Parcel Management System

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Bedal Parcel Management System

Dramatic growth of cross-border eCommerce is no longer a surprising news with explosively increasing number of parcels annually. Accordingly, ensuring shipment and meeting export compliances are being emphasized. Moreover, saving cost and time are now becoming two key factors for businesses.

BEDAL is a dimensional scanner which measures volume and weight of a parcel. Considering delivery destination, parcel’s volume and weight BEDAL provides you the best shipping rate among various recommendations with fast processing speed.

► MEASURE your parcel

► SELECT best shipping rate

► READY for shipment

BEDAL on its own is an ideal partner for a National Post and a courier. BEDAL has a range of easy to connect ports that can easily link to a POS terminal and can get those queue’s moving faster. Union can be tailored to become a self-service kiosk with personalised branding and messaging.


Highlights of Bedal

  • Fast and accurate weighing and measuring of the packages
  • Automatic digital transmission of data    
  • No media break - manual transfer of data is eliminated    
  • Error-free working and avoidance of penalties due to incorrect weight or dimensions during shipping    
  • Documentation of each operation    
  • Automatic photographing of the packages    
  • intuitive operation    
  • Time savings: a process only takes a few seconds    
  • Easy connection to PC, tablet, notebook and printer (for example USB)