Over 70 years we manufacture mail processing machines used for postal and financial administration, trade, industry and commerce services. Our fully developed Swiss quality products are the result of decades of development and production experience in mail processing machines!

MAAG MERCURE Envelope Sealing Machine is an niche product. Over the decades it has been proved by many customers. More than 16’000 units have been produced and sold by more then 80 distributors in 45 countries worldwide. Since 1972 the production in batches takes place in Adliswil, close to Zurich (Switzerland). The success of this first envelope sealing machine led into development of various models to meet all requirements on the market.

The company's reputation and excellent Swiss quality of our envelope sealing machines led into various business relationships with leading distributors over the whole world. We cooperate also with companies producing primary mail handling equipment with reliable after-sales service. For example we sold over thousand units to the ministry of budget and finance in France.

The focus is always on deliver a high quality and performance unit with excellent value for money.

MAAG MERCURE AG has been offering mail processing solutions for over 70 years. Our core business so far has been the production of envelope sealing and counting machines for companies of all sizes and industries. In the meantime, we have adapted to the rapidly changing market conditions of postal management. Our flexibility allows us to offer innovative solutions and future technologies. Our portfolio today includes cubic measuring and weighing systems, letter scanning and printing systems, as well as RFID solutions. Our products are distributed by more than 80 distribution partners in 45 countries.

Hans E. Maag, CEO